Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Plans, plans and more plans.....

Well if you read my last two blog posts then you know that I had grand plans of working on my dollhouse over the three days with no work, and no kids.

Well Friday was awesome, and I worked on my kitchen all day and it is done!  YAY! Then I got a call from a client that needed a dog let out on Saturday......grrr......Then Saturday came along and I went Christmas Shopping with my darling husband, and then grocery shopping, then did the one job I had to do and then hubby and I spent time together and before I knew it, Saturday was gone and so was my uninterrupted mini time. 

Sunday I woke up feeling like I fell out of a tree hitting every branch on the way down.  So I didn't work on anything and then my little guy (he's not all that little anymore) came home from visiting with his dad.  Well that night, in the middle of the night, I was awaken by my little guy, he had been throwing up.  Lovely.....so for the past two days he has been home sick, and while I didn't get the full bug I have been feeling less than perfect. 

With all that being said, because both of us felt horrible yesterday, we sat in front of the TV cuddled in blankets watching movies, but while doing that I also made a chair and started working on a couch for my living room.  Not my actual living room but the Vermont Farmhouse Jr's living room. 

I'm making it out of foamcore, and a fabric that I didn't think I would like but after using it, I like it a lot.  I will show you once the room is complete.  I guess that is the next room to get done.  I have to consult the list to see what else needs to be done.....which I think is a lot. 

I've been thinking about putting a Christmas Tree in the living room as well since it's that time of year.  Just to make it look pretty. 

Anyway....this is just a rambling post, sorry no pictures.  Hopefully in the next couple of days I will have the living room done. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Vermont Farmhouse Jr. - The Kitchen

Well if you read the blog yesterday then you know that I am working on "finishing" up my Vermont Farmhouse Jr.  So today I worked on the Kitchen.  I am happy to say that it's as done as it can be at this point. 

There is still room to add stuff, but this is what I have done so far.  It's a complete kitchen, and after this, it would just be about adding more accessories.

So here are the pictures. Enjoy.

Right side of kitchen.  Need to make a new sink
for the cabinet, and need to fill up the cupboards.
Need to also make a rug for the floor in front
of the sink.

I made a roller shade for the window. 

Just some stuff that is in the cabinet.

There's silverware in the drawer.

Left side of kitchen.

Pots and pans in the lower drawer of the stove.
Dogs bowls on the floor.  Need to be painted
and needs food and water in them.

The whole kitchen with the ceiling fan on. 
Too bad it doesn't move.....just lights up.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Get on with it already......

I'm pretty sure I heard my dollhouse saying that to me today.  I kept hearing it over and over coming from behind me.....the only thing there is the dollhouse.  It's plain porch and dusty roof staring at me.  Just begging to be cleaned and spruced up.  So I gave in.  I turned it around so I could see inside, and I am pretty sure I heard it sigh with relief. 

This dollhouse (Vermont Farmhouse Jr) was purchased in 2006 as my very first miniature purchase.  Probably should have started slow with a Roombox or two first.....but I like to dive in without any clue as to what I am doing.  I remember the day I bought it so clearly.  It was in January of 2006, and I bought it with some money that my aunt gave me at Christmas time (she's always shoving money into someone's hands).  That day, while I was out buying my Dollhouse, I got a call from my then husband telling me that my mother had a heart attack.  She survived it, and another many years later.....but I always remember that I got my first dollhouse the day I got that call.  

I built it rather quickly, and had the exterior painted and shingled, and I really like the way it looked. 

Over the years I have decorated it, and redecorated it (as I became more experienced).  Then I decided to electrify it (I took a workshop to learn how to do that).  Then I never touched it again.
It's full of furniture, but it's not DONE. 

This coming January will be 8 years since I purchased this house.  I have everything I need to finish it, I just need to get on with it already.......so I made a list.  Room by room, what needs to be done.  I have the next three days off.  No work, No children (they will be with their other parents), just me and my husband (who will be preoccupied with Football), so I plan to use these 3 days to finish this dollhouse.  I know, I know.......I've said this before.   But No, really I am going to do it.

I'm just going to go through it room by room, right from my list.  I'm realistic! I know it's going to take more than 3 days to finish, but once I get on a roll, there's no stopping me.   As I finish rooms, I will blog about it. 

I'm so totally excited.  I want this house to be the house I purchased and finished in my 30s (I don't turn 40 until next November).......Wish me luck.

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