Friday, November 22, 2013

Vermont Farmhouse Jr. - The Kitchen

Well if you read the blog yesterday then you know that I am working on "finishing" up my Vermont Farmhouse Jr.  So today I worked on the Kitchen.  I am happy to say that it's as done as it can be at this point. 

There is still room to add stuff, but this is what I have done so far.  It's a complete kitchen, and after this, it would just be about adding more accessories.

So here are the pictures. Enjoy.

Right side of kitchen.  Need to make a new sink
for the cabinet, and need to fill up the cupboards.
Need to also make a rug for the floor in front
of the sink.

I made a roller shade for the window. 

Just some stuff that is in the cabinet.

There's silverware in the drawer.

Left side of kitchen.

Pots and pans in the lower drawer of the stove.
Dogs bowls on the floor.  Need to be painted
and needs food and water in them.

The whole kitchen with the ceiling fan on. 
Too bad it doesn't move.....just lights up.


  1. The kitchen looks so warm & inviting :) I especially love the last picture with the light on. It looks like a real kitchen. By the way...I would love that hutch in my real

    1. Thanks Lisa, I too like the last picture. :)

  2. Tom and I just love this kitchen, Crystal! I was showing him this morning and he couldn't believe the details - we were "oohing and ahhing" over little things like the bag of Iams dog food, the silverware, the pots in the drawer . . . Tom was delighted with the mop and the fact that the fan lights up. Wish you could get even closer with the camera! We would like to hear more about how you made things - did you make the drying rack or did it come as is?

    Sonya P.O.M.H. : )

    1. 1) The drying rack I did not make, I purchased it that's pretty cute isn't it?!
      2) Pictures, it was hard to get in there with my phone but I will probably try to get better photos with my actual camera. It takes some pretty good pictures.
      3) If you have questions about any specific item in the room just ask!

  3. Crystal, it's just lovely! You did a great job. For the water in the dog dish, you can use white glue that dries clear and keep adding layers of it as it dries until you have the depth of water you need. For the food dish you can finely chop a pencil eraser for dog food. You might even paint the bowls with silver/chrome nail polish to turn them into stainless steel bowls.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the other rooms.
    Hugs, Maureen

    1. Thanks Maureen, actually I was just seeing some of those tips in that amazing Kitchen/Pantry trash to treasures book you sent me :)


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