Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mini Pic of the Day

Today's Mini Pic of the Day is of a great garage sale find.   It was only $3.00 and my Aunt paid for it, so even better. 

It's a clock (real size)......but it opens up and I plan to put some sort of mini scene in it.  I can't decide if I want to do a 1:12 scale or a two floor 1:48 scale scene but for now, until I decide, it will look nice on my shelf. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Chairs and a hutch

I got more done this weekend than I have in a very long time.  Which is so ironic because I thought I was not going to be able to work on anything because of my work schedule. 

Today I got the hutch done for the Tea Room, and I also got the chairs done.   I tried to go with a slight shabby chic look.....I didn't want it to be too distressed but just a tad.  Keeping with the very girly pink and green, that is what I painted the chairs.  I also wanted it to be slightly eclectic, so I made sure I didn't use 4 of the same chairs.  I wish I had 4 different styles in my stash but I did not and so I have 2 different styles. 

I used a Michaels hutch (thanks again Sonya...), and I left it alone.  No bashing this time, but I painted it an off white (sorta cream), and lined the back with a pink polka dot scrapbook paper that co-ordinates with the other colours of the Tea Room.  In the picture it looks rather yellowish, but it's not.  It looks very nice in the room and matches nicely with the cream colours in the wallpaper.

The paper that you see in the picture is the room that these items will be in once the whole project is done, unlike the picture I posted of the couch and chair.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nursery Dresser

Funny how things work out.....I thought this weekend I was going to be too busy to work on Minis but I managed to get a few projects completed that were started previously.  This is one of them.  I actually started this last week, but finished it up today.  I'm very pleased with the outcome and it turned out better than I had hoped.  If you are a regular follower, you would have seen a post about a dresser that I was painting, but the stain kept bleeding through, making the dresser pink.  I decided to use that item for another project, and had to start from scratch making a new dresser for the nursery.

I decided to do a little hutch I started with this Michael's hutch.

 I removed the upper part of the hutch, the shelves and doors.  It didn't come off very cleanly though and became a much harder job. 

 I had to remove the piece that didn't come off with the top.  It was glued on there pretty good.  It took me a lot of cutting and prying. 

When I did get it all left the top of the dresser pretty marked up.  I tried to sand it and nothing really worked.  I decided to keep it that way and when it's in the scene, I will cover it and it won't be noticeable.

 So, it doesn't look much like a dresser at this point, so I removed the doors on the bottom.  Then realized that the foot is broken, and I had to glue that.

From this point, I had to cut some wood big enough to cover the opening, and then make some "drawers".  I didn't take pics of this's just better seeing the final product.

I found these incredible little jewelry findings that looked exactly like drawer pulls to me.  So with those, and some head pins (cut short), I made some pulls for the drawers.

Using my pliers, I was able to attach the pulls to the drawers with no problem.  Didn't even have to use glue, it's in there pretty tight.

That was the last step........and here it is, all finished.  Doesn't it look fantastic?  You can hardly tell it was Michaels hutch.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tea Room; Sitting Room Furniture

I know, I know.....yesterday I said I was too busy to post this weekend, but most of my work today is going to happen in the late afternoon/evening so I had a chance to work on something.

In, I've been putting off this project for way too long.....I posted about the furniture that I wanted to put in the loft of the Primrose Tea Room that I am working on.  You can see that post at this link

Well today I finally finished a couch and a chair for the sitting room.   If you are not familiar with the Primrose, or how it's set up you can see that here

Basically I am turning the upper floor into part of the Tea Room, but a more informal setting, like a sitting room.  More comfortable than sitting at a table.  I'm very happy with the final look.  I'd been contemplating what I was going to do with it for far too long.  Basically after putting the tab & slot furniture together, I painted it white and made cushions for it (same way I made the changing pad for the nursery changing table), but rather than using felt I used thin quilt batting.  Then glued the eyelet lace around the bottom to hide the tab & slot construction.  Oh....and those adorable cushions were acquired in a "pink" swap quite a while ago from Barbara M.  Don't they go quite well?!

There you have it.....what do you think?  Considering it cost a dollar at Dollarama and I still have one more chair and a coffee table and end table that I can use for another project....I think it was a good deal, and looks wonderful.

The only problem with this picture is that is not the room that the furniture will actually be in when the tea room is done.  While it looks nice here, it's going to look much different later.

Friday, August 2, 2013

A few days off

Being that it's a long weekend, I'm quite swamped with work.  I won't have the time to post any quality posts.  So rather than quickly post something just for the sake of posting, I'm going to take the next few days to focus on work. I promise I will be back in full swing next week.  For now I leave you with this cutie.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mini Pic of the Day - Aug 1, 2013

Today's pic is a small glimpse of a shelf in my Vermont Farmhouse Jr. Washroom.

Some towels, basket of extra toilet paper and a sponge.

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