Friday, October 5, 2012

Christmas House - Work Done

Last night I spent some time working on the Christmas House.  I wallpapered Santa's office in a red coloured wallpaper that has a textured look, and gave it some nice green carpet.  Very Christmasy !

This is going to be Santa's Office

I also wallpapered Mrs. Claus' sewing room in a red patterned paper.  I don't even know how to describe it, but I thought it would go with the other papers on the upper floor.  She has a red/burgundy coloured carpet in there. 

This is going to be Mrs. Claus' sewing room where she makes
all of Santa's clothes and the Elves clothes.

The Bedroom I left the way it was but added a white coloured carpet.

The bedroom carpet was a little small but I am confident
that you won't be able to see that once it's filled up.

I also spent some time working on the kitchen.  It was yellow with wainscotting, that had a really pretty yellow/blue wallpaper in it.  I decided to just replace the wallpaper with something that had more of a Christmas feel. 

Here you can see me replacing the wallpaper.  The left is what is
in there now, and the right is what it was.

I also added a floor in the kitchen.  It's black and white checkered....and it was just a piece of peel and stick shelf liner that I got at the dollar store.

I like how it turned out.  I just need to put some trim around
the window.

In the living room, I had the big dilemma of whether to change the wallpaper.

This is what the wallpaper looks like in the living room.

I think I may end up just leaving it, and decorating with Christmas stuff, which should make the wallpaper a lot less noticeable. 

This is what the living room will look like when I put the fireplace in.
I made this a few years ago when I had made a Christmas Scene.
The scene got taken apart but I kept the fireplace.  I'm also
going to put in some white carpet.
Well, today I am going to work on the house some more......I'm very excited about this project.  I have a lot of Christmas accessories that I never knew what I was going to do with, and now I have something to put them in.  This is the full interior so far.

Don't mind the mess in the foyer and living room.

Well I do hope that you enjoy following me on the adventure.  Please keep coming back for more updates.

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