Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tea Room; Sitting Room Furniture

I know, I know.....yesterday I said I was too busy to post this weekend, but most of my work today is going to happen in the late afternoon/evening so I had a chance to work on something.

In, I've been putting off this project for way too long.....I posted about the furniture that I wanted to put in the loft of the Primrose Tea Room that I am working on.  You can see that post at this link

Well today I finally finished a couch and a chair for the sitting room.   If you are not familiar with the Primrose, or how it's set up you can see that here

Basically I am turning the upper floor into part of the Tea Room, but a more informal setting, like a sitting room.  More comfortable than sitting at a table.  I'm very happy with the final look.  I'd been contemplating what I was going to do with it for far too long.  Basically after putting the tab & slot furniture together, I painted it white and made cushions for it (same way I made the changing pad for the nursery changing table), but rather than using felt I used thin quilt batting.  Then glued the eyelet lace around the bottom to hide the tab & slot construction.  Oh....and those adorable cushions were acquired in a "pink" swap quite a while ago from Barbara M.  Don't they go quite well?!

There you have it.....what do you think?  Considering it cost a dollar at Dollarama and I still have one more chair and a coffee table and end table that I can use for another project....I think it was a good deal, and looks wonderful.

The only problem with this picture is that is not the room that the furniture will actually be in when the tea room is done.  While it looks nice here, it's going to look much different later.


  1. What room will it be in eventually? I love the furniture, and I know you say it's not a big deal, but to me it is. I think it's lovely, and I'm looking forward to its final destination.

    Happy to see you post, even though you're insanely busy right now! : )

    Sonya (POMH) : )

    1. I will be sure to post another blog post when it's in it's final destination and complete. I don't want to give too much away right now. :)


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