Saturday, October 26, 2013

Snow Day

You might be thinking.....did I read that Post Heading correctly?  Yes you did.  It's only October 26th but we have snow here and it is still falling, so today is a mini snow day. 

I plan to sit here at my computer today, Blogging, searching for ideas on Pinterest and making Minis. 

So a while back I posted about the yearly I was making for one of my yahoo groups.  Since everyone should have received theirs by now, I can finally post a picture of the final product. 

I decided to make everyone an umbrella (non-working), and a clutch purse.  The umbrella is not an original idea....I saw someone post a tutorial online, so while I didn't create the idea, I did create all the umbrellas.  It wasn't as easy as the tutorial made it look but I am very happy with the final outcome.  I did a few colours.  Neutral ones like Black, Brown and Grey and I made clutches to coordinate with the umbrellas.   The first couple of purses were not going together as nicely and easily as I had hoped.  So I changed it half way through.  The picture below is what most of the swappers got.....a few people got a different looking clutch but I don't have a picture of that.

Umbrella and "Leather" clutch

Can you believe what you can make with a thin piece of wire, a piece or origami paper, a few beads, a part used for a cell phone charm and an eyelet?
I would never have thought that.....and while I forget where I saw the original creation.....all credit goes to that very talented miniaturist.  Nice job.

I've never had a good eye for turning nothing into something....or what we like to call "Trash to Treasures".

Well I do hope that everyone that received this package likes it and has a use for it in their dollhouse or a miniature scene. 

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  1. I'm sure they will love your contributions! They are very realistic and really clever! I want to own your stuff . . . and I'm not a miniaturist! :)


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