Sunday, December 22, 2013

Matt's Room

Many years ago I made my little brother Matthew a roombox.  It was his bedroom.  Well, not an exact replica of his bedroom, but I made a bedroom that was filled with things that screamed Matt. 

I don't remember the exact year that I made it, but I do remember he was in high school.  He's now can do the math.

The other day I asked him to take pictures of it for me so I could share it with all of you.  At one time I had taken pictures but I have since lost them.  Glad he was willing to help.

This is my brother Matt.  This was taken a year
or so ago.  As you can see he has long hair. 
When I made the roombox, it was not this long
but was getting there.

I started with an inexpensive diorama base that you can buy at Michael's and painted it blue.  His room is blue.  Not sure it's the same colour blue, but I didn't care.  As long as it was blue.   Here are the pictures.  Keep in mind, I made this many years ago.  My skills as a miniaturist were not exactly what you would call good.....haha.  So be kind :)

This picture shows you the whole roombox.  As mentioned above I painted it blue, and I do believe I used a piece of felt for the carpet. 

The diorama base at a place to put a label, so I put Matt's Room.

This is a picture of the right side of the room.  Matt is a Leafs fan, so I made sure that the room had something in it that showed I put a blue and white Canadian flag.   You can also see that there is a TV with a video game system and some DVDs, but I will show you more of those in another picture.

This next picture is a quick view of the left side of the room.  Matt being a fan of Family Guy, I made sure to put something in the room.  The Stewie poster was perfect.

Ok so now onto the little details.  The next pictures are close ups, and explanations!

This is just a better picture of the right side of the room.
Some of the movies that he liked at the time of making the room.
Superbad and the Simpsons.  You can also see that the room is just
Bulletin board that I made.  I made sure that there was a
picture of me in the room somewhere so he would remember
who made this for him..haha.  The little note paper says "Call
Marcus", that is his best friend that he has had since Kindergarten.
And of course, it wouldn't be a teens room without dirty dishes .
Laundry basket on the floor with clothes that should be put away.
also a bottle of coke, another dirty glass, and an empty bag of chips.

I tried to make the room look a little realistic with the light swith
plate and the wall plugs.  Here you can see the TV, and the video
game system.  I do believe the game on the TV is Halo, a game that
he liked at the time.

Ok, now we will move onto the left side of the room.

Here you can see the pizza on the floor.  He loves Pizza, so I had
to have pizza in the room.  Also put some games under the bed.
The denim backpack hanging on the bed displays the crest from
the school he was attending at the time.

Matt had this big stuffed white bunny since he was a kid. 
I had to have one in the room, so I made this one out of pipe cleaners
and googly eyes.  I also made him dirty but I don't know that you
can see it very well in the picture.  The Dexter book on the table is because
he was a Dexter fan.  I made the lamp from found objects.  There is
also a remote for the TV and an alarm clock.

Showing this picture again.  Notice there is a pillow on the bed
but also another on the floor.  When I put this together I imagined
he had that on the floor so he could be more comfy while
eating his pizza and playing video games.

This part was my favourite thing.  I made sure that the bed
showed the he was in it sleeping.  This is why I showed you the
picture of him at the top.  He has a crazy afro (or did at the time).
So I made that a feature of the bed......I loved how it turned out. 

I tried to make the bed look like it was being used.  I think
I did a good job.

Well that's it.  Here's the whole room again.

So that is the story of my see the calendar is on August, so he's off for the summer.  Had an all-nighter playing video games and eating pizza.  Went to bed without turning the TV off or cleaning up the food.......bad Matthew.


  1. Ha, ha...great job! I love the laundry and the food on the floor. His afro is awesome! Thanks for sharing your work.


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