Sunday, January 5, 2014

Martha's Vineyard

For Christmas my wonderful husband purchased for me the Martha's Vineyard Campground Cottage.
It's a quarter scale house kit by Debbie Young (
This is what the house looks like.  It's a long, narrow two storey cottage.

I had no idea what these houses were all about so I decided to look online, and discovered that it is the cutest little community that I think ever existed.

This is the information that I received with the kit.

"The tiny cottages that make up the Campmeeting Association on Martha's Vineyard are one of the most visually exciting experiences I have ever had.  The campground is made up of over 300 of these tiny unique houses built between 1865-1880....barely larger than the original tents they replaced.  But for someone who loves small old houses, gingerbread details and different variations of the same basic thing, they are simply breathtaking."

"Another feather that cannot go unnoticed as you view the campground is the color.....there is lots and lots of color as the current owners paint their houses with varied combinations of blues, pinks, purples, greens and yellows. "

Here are some life size houses that I found online.

They are awesome.  I now want to add visiting this to my bucket list.   I have lots of thinking to do before building and painting my little house.  There are so many options of how to paint it.   I'm probably leaning towards pink but purple has also crossed my mind.

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  1. Your husband did a great job picking this out for you. It looks like such a fun project. I look forward to seeing what colors you choose. I would be torn between the pink & purple too. I like the deep pinks on the last real life house.


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