Monday, July 1, 2013

A Little Crazy About Mickey Mouse

Hi's been a while since I posted anything but I just finished a small project so I thought I would post about it.

Not sure if any of you know, but I collect PEZ dispensers.  Recently a friend ended up with a bunch and knowing that I collect them, decided to give me them.  One at a time.  Over many months....
They are a very welcome addition to my collection.  It got me thinking that I needed to do something in return, to say thanks.   Which brings me to this project.

She loves everything Disney, and since Mickey Mouse is the Big Cheese....I decided to do a small filled hutch for her.  Mickey Moused out !!!

I started with one of those little hutches that Michaels sells, or rather used to I am going to miss those.  This one to be precise.  I forgot to take a before picture so I got this one online. 

Michaels Hutch, unfinished.
I removed the feet and removed the doors on the top.  I also removed the door knob from the middle cabinet door.   My goal was to make the hutch look like Mickey Mouse.  So I painted the top part of the shelf black, and the bottom half red.  I pained the door knobs white to look like the buttons on Mickey's pants, and I used yellow pony beads on the bottom as feet.  I lined the back of the shelf with scrapbook paper that was a red on red with Mickey heads.  I gave it a once over with satin first I was not happy with that look, but now I like it.

The painted shelf before filling it.
Once I had that finished I had to come up with stuff to fill it with.  This took me a little longer than planned, but very happy with the outcome.  On the bottom shelf (above the cupboards), I decided to make a picture frame and put a picture of my friend and her husband from Disneyworld.  I had to find one on facebook (blushing....since she will likely be reading this.....Sorry SC !!) I made the frame out of 3 black buttons to look like a Mickey Head.  I love the way it turned out.  I also put a little tea towel with a Mickey Head, and a cookie jar made to look like Mickey out of some painted beads. 

Picture frame, cookie jar and towel (can't see it but it has a Mickey head on it).
The top two shelves were also fun to do.  I took a white tea pot and put a Mickey head on it....spelt out Mickey with letter beads, and took a square wooden piece and stuck these cute Mickey tile stickers on it to resemble some kind of decor.  I think of it as a box that is holding tea possibly.  The next shelf has two Mickey glasses and two "Collector" plates (made from paper).

Tea Pot, plates and glasses.
So here is a look at the finished product.  I think it's super cute.  Hopefully she will like it.
I left the bottom cupboards empty....that way I can make more stuff for her to put in it.....sort of spread the love like she did with the PEZ dispensers. 

Oh, one last thing.......I had to sign my work right!  So on the back I left my mark.


  1. I like your Mickey Mouse hutch very much. Unique!
    Like you,I miss Michael's hutches but I'm sure they'll never come back.

  2. I adore this piece. As the proud owner of the hutch, I was in awe of the detail and the quality of the workmanship. The photos do not do it justice.

    The fact that you could frame a miniature photo of me and my husband blew me away, never mind the Mickey motif of the frame!

    Every single part of the display is gorgeous. You are incredibly talented and I'm honoured to have this "Crystal" piece in my display cabinet.

    I won't lie. I'm excited the cupboards are empty, because I can't wait to see what might one day fill them . . .

    Sonya (Proud Owner of Mickey Hutch) : )


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