Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mini pic of the day - July 28, 2013

So todays mini pic is a problem I've encountered.  I had purchased some dollhouse furniture from Dollarama quite a while back.  They are stained a red-ish colour.  I decided to paint one of them white for the baby nursery.  I painted some of it but left the bottom the original finish so I could stand it up to dry.  I'm glad I did otherwise this post would not exist. So, I painted it, and then had to go out.  I came home to a bubble gum pink dresser.  Oh mini is a boy not a girl.  So if anyone has a suggestion on fixing this I'd appreciate your help.  I don't know if just painting more white will help.  This was just a first coat.  Thanks.


  1. Using gesso as your base coat helps some but I usually just plan to have some bleed through with these pieces. Sanding before painting also helps. At this point I would use a thicker paint or gesso to coat it and then add your finish color. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I did try more white, many coats actually, and it didn't help. It keeps bleeding through. So it has found another home, in a room that might require a pink dresser. I have made a dresser for the nursery. I will keep in mind using Gesso in the future. Thanks


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