Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mini Pic of the Day - July 25, 2013

Today's pic of the day has a funny story with it.  For a long time one of my 1:12 scale dollhouses was sitting in my dining room.  Unfinished of course (all miniaturists can relate).  I did however have some rooms done.  One being the bathroom. 

For some reason, I had two naked dolls in the house.   Not sure what happened to their clothes. 

I live with 3 boys....and that number includes my husband.  So pretty much daily I would find Mr. and Mrs. Mini Doll is some pretty interesting situations.  I won't go into detail, use your imagination. 

One morning, I came to find this:

My stepson Kurtis thought it would be funny to put Mrs. Mini Doll on the toilet, and Mr. Mini Doll on the other side of the door holding the paper roll.   Side note: What is up with Mrs. Mini Doll's hair?!?!

Anyway, how could I be upset, this was hilarious.....and boys will be boys.


  1. hahha.. it is like having an Elf on the Shelf all year long!!

    Love this one1!

  2. That is TOO funny, it!

  3. It's always an adventure living with 3 boys :)

    1. I concur. I, too, live with many boys, one of whom is the one who created the above scene. I just think it's great you found the humour in the situation and decided to share it. I've looked at this post several times and still catch myself laughing aloud at what he did.

      Keep up the great job on your blog, Crystal! : )

      Sonya (Proud Owner of Mickey Hutch) : )

  4. P.S. The tile in the bathroom looks so familiar . . . : D

    Sonya (Proud Owner of Mickey Hutch) : )


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