Monday, September 16, 2013

Mini Pic of the Day - Sept 16, 2013

So at least once a year my husband and I (sometimes the kids too) go to Disneyworld.

One of my favourite things to see while there is the World Showcase at Epcot.....more specifically this little miniature village that is just sort of hidden.   I didn't even know it was there until a few trips ago. 

This year when we went we had the boys, 13 and 11....and needless to say standing and looking at a miniature village was not very exciting for them, so I took a few pictures and we were on our way.

It's very well done, and has a train and everything.  These pictures do it NO justice. 



  1. It's in the Germany pavilion! I like it, too, although this time the train wasn't running : (

    Model trains (and the accompanying buildings and bridges) are hugely popular in Germany.

    I would love to have a model of the WDW railroad, and all the buildings in the Magic Kingdom, so I could watch the train go to the Main Street station, Frontierland, and the station that used to be Mickey's Toontown Fair (and which I can no longer remember . . . )

    Sonya (POMH) : )

    1. Hubby would love to have a day :)


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