Thursday, September 19, 2013


Before Miniatures took over my life, I used to be a Scrapbooker.   I'd go to crops with my good friend Lori.  We'd have a ton of fun, and I've made lots of good friends through scrapbooking.  So a couple of years back I decided that I wanted to make a Miniature Scrapbooking scene for my friend Lori, for her birthday.

Lori and I met in 2001 on a yahoo group for women who were pregnant and due to have their babies in July of 2002.   Many of the women on this group were American or in other parts of Canada.....but Lori and I were literally just minutes from each other and we became great friends.   We always have a blast when we are together.

Not a great picture, but this is us at the 2010 Weekend to End
Women's Cancers.

So back to the miniature scene.  I wanted it to look as though it was her cropping space.  I created a "wall" out of foamcore covered in scrapbook paper.  Then I made the table.  I created a little carpet for it to sit on and added a purchased chair.   I made little 1"x1" papers from actual scrapbook paper and sorted it in the paper "shelf".   The garbage can is a coffee creamer.  Inside is real scraps of paper and on piece on top has a little note pad sheet crumpled that actually says call Crystal on it. :)

The pictures on the bulletin board are pics of her and her husband and her kids.  The blue "box" in the left bottom corner of the table is a replica of an actual paper tote that Lori owned at one time (maybe still does).  

Lastly and probably the best part (wish I had a picture of it), is the album sitting on the floor by the chair.  It's a scrapbook.  I took actual pictures of layouts that Lori has done in the past, and reduced them to 1:12 scale and made a book out of it.  It's an actual miniature scrapbook. 

Lori loved this gift, and so did some of our scrappy friends.  I mean who wouldn't love it right?

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