Friday, September 20, 2013

Creative process

In my Vermont Farmhouse Jr.  (which I have had for 7 years and is still not complete), the bedroom right now is pretty blah.

I did wallpaper it about 5 years ago, and that was it.  Never really touched it again.  So I've been thinking a lot about finishing it.  I don't know what the point of me having all these dollhouses is if they are just sitting empty.  Other side.....what is the point of having all this dollhouse furniture and accessories if I am NOT putting them in a dollhouse.    There is a simple solution.  PUT THE FURNITURE IN THE HOUSE!  Not sure why I have not thought of this before.  haha

This post is going to be the start of me finishing the master bedroom in the VFJ. 

Firstly, I should show you the wallpaper.  Sorry about the horrible pictures, bad lighting and a cell phone don't make for good photos. 

Close-up of wallpaper
Ok so that my dear followers is the wallpaper that I chose for this room 5 years ago.  The print is small and in scale.  I must have liked it at some point, now I am not so sure.  However, that being said it's staying.  I consider wallpapering a dollhouse about as irritating as nails on a chalkboard.  
So it looks like little leaves, that are pink with a darker pink/burgundy colour, and little green dots.

So......what goes with that wallpaper?  I have real issues with pairing patterns in rooms.  I've seen a lot of dollhouses with floral wallpaper and another floral for curtains may work for some, but I cringe when I see that.  I struggle with co-ordinating wallpaper to curtains or fabrics for furniture.  So I already know that I'm going to be frustrated by the end of the creative process.

The floor in the bedroom is unfinished right now.  It's grooved to look like hardwood, but the likelihood of me actually staining it is slim.  So I thought maybe on each side of the bed I would put a throw rug.   Just something plain....maybe white-ish.

So here is a picture of the wallpaper, with the rug I was thinking, and the colour of the furniture that will be in the room.  Wanted to see if they go nicely together.  Which I think that they do.  Oh I should also mention that any trim in the room is white.

So far so good.  This particular room has two windows that are on either side of the bed.   They need curtains I think.  I'm still torn between putting curtains or making roller shades for them.  I saw a really cool easy tutorial to make some.  Either way, I have to figure out what fabric to use.
What I like to do is take my wallpaper swatch, and carpet swatch and place fabric swatches with them that I think might look nice. 

So, went through my enormous stash of fabric and got a few pieces I thought might go with the wallpaper.  The burgundy I think looks really good and possibly even the pink.  The one with the swirly things on it, might make good cushions for the bed.  Possibly?!?!
See, I'm already frustrated!  This is why the room has sat empty for the past 5 years.

I wondered if maybe some reds would go, so that is a picture of two types of red that I have.  I'm not sure that either goes very well.

So I'm no further ahead.  I still have a wallpapered room with the furniture in it, but no finishings.

Next step would probably be to see if maybe some nice greens would go, although I have a feeling that I would just be wasting my time. 


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  1. Now you are ready for my favorite part! All the finishing details are what makes the house look like a home. Good luck!


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