Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Building Error puts stop to construction......

Ok, maybe the post title is a little dramatic, but there was a small error. The second staircase has a built in shelf on the back of it (one of my favourite things about this house), and I put the shelving part together last night.

Today when I did a dry fit of the shelving to the stair sides, the back of the shelves were too high, which would cause a problem fitting my risers and treads (as you can see from the 2nd picture).

I figured that this was a simple fix, just need to sand it down. After all, this wood breaks if you touch it right ?!?! So it should sand down easily. Well, let me tell you....there was cursing. I used my dremel first, that barely took down any of the wood, then I got out my bigger electric sander, and that did not work either.....Suddenly this became the strongest wood ever known to man. I ended up having to cut it down a little at a time with a sharp exacto blade, and even that was a struggle....But I am happy to say that I finally got the wood level, and my tread will not sit flush on the riser.

However, that being said, the stairs are still not together. I've got to wait for the glue to dry before I can start gluing in the risers and treads.

I did prime the house though, and that is one of those things that I hate to do so I am glad it is now out of the way.

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