Monday, March 14, 2011

Planning Day

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, so I don't much feel like building today. It will be more of a planning day. Before I can proceed with any more of the actual house building (still have the other staircase to do), I have to know what I am going to do with the foyer. The next walls that I put in will shut it off, and that's that. So I need to do as much in there as possible before I can go any further.

I decided that I wanted a pink and green shabby chic look for this house. Something really girly. I'm very excited to start doing some research. I also decided that I wanted to use scrapbook paper for this project because there is not much out there that I like in the way of dollhouse wallpaper. Even though I am not feeling great I decided to venture out in search of what I wanted. I looked at so much paper today.....exhausting, literally because I'm not feeling well.

My last stop of the day was Walmart, so I checked the scrapbook section and I found the perfect paper. It's a big paper pack by K&Company, it's their classic paper. It's perfect. Each sheet is more like cardstock than paper, and double sided. 36 sheets per pack, so I got two at $10 each. I should have plenty to complete full rooms, and many of the patterns are small enough for 1/12 scale walls. As well, my house is going to have a nice flow with all the coordinating patterns.

I will have to go through the packs later and decide which paper I like for which room. Once I have decided I will post better pictures of the papers that I choose. What do you think of the paper choice ?

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