Saturday, March 26, 2011

Now I see the progress

I've done a bit of work on the Lily in the last few days. I've wallpapered the 2nd floor bedroom and the living room. They turned out nicely. The first picture shows the bedroom. It's a nice pink colour. The second picture shows a picture of the living room walls. You can see the foyer through the archway in the far wall.

I decided to go ahead and put the last partition on the main floor. This was such a pain in the you know what. It's a wall with tabs, that is being placed where there is only room for the wall without the tabs. I had to use a hammer to slowly get it into place. It really mucked up my floor. Times like this make me thankful that I decided not to stain the floors and put the floor in later.

Now my foyer is closed in and I can only do work on it from the front door. Which is kind of tight. I'm glad I put the ceiling paper on prior to adding the last wall. I do have one small part to wallpaper still but that won't be a problem. I have to put flooring down, trim at the ceiling and baseboard, and put in the window. Then the foyer will be done. For some reason there is a little gap where the stair meets the floor but it doesn't seem to be putting any other walls/floors off, so once I put baseboard it will be covered up. It's really moving along now......

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