Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moving Right Along

Hi everyone! Well I was feeling a little better today and decided to work on the Lily for a while.

I finally finished the second that thing gave me so much trouble. Nothing seemed to fit properly. Thankfully you really don't see the stairs of this staircase. You mainly see the back and side. Not that it doesn't look good, but if there are any imperfections, you won't really see them. I really like the built in shelves in the back of the second floor staircase.

I put in a partition on the main floor between the foyer and the living room. It gave me a bit of trouble getting it in the slots but it looks great now. It's starting to look like a house.

I got up the courage to wallpaper today. Because the foyer will be closed in soon, I have to complete that room before I can move onto the rest of the house. I had to first make sure that all the windows were painted inside and out. This house (unlike other houses) the windows are set on the outside of the wood. Other houses, the windows are set inside the window frame. This means that the wood would show through the window, so I had to make sure that all the wood was painted in the window frames.

Then I wallpapered the foyer......there still is another wall to close in the foyer but I am going to paper it before it goes in, and make sure that the whole foyer is done before I do that. I like how it turned out.

While I was on a roll, I decided to wallpaper the second floor hallway. It was a big space, and I needed to match up some areas which I found challenging......(wallpapering is NOT my thing...LOL) I eventually got it done, and I like how it looks. I can hardly see the seam.

I've been painting the stairs to prepare them to put in the house. I've nicknamed them the straw, 'cause they just suck up all the paint. It's going to take many many coats of paint. See you all tomorrow :)

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