Monday, March 14, 2011

eBay Find

I was on eBay earlier this evening and saw this nice kitchen cabinet. The description actually said: Kitchen & Dining Room Chinese Vintage Oriental Cabinet. I'm not sure I see how it is Oriental, but I thought it was super cute. There was only 1 bid on it, and it was sitting at $ 0.98 and was ending in an hour. I was quick to bid......I put my maximum bid at $2.00 fully anticipating that I would be outbid, but surprisingly I was the highest bidder at $1.03
It wasn't until after I placed my bid that I thought to look at the shipping cost....haha....probably should have done that prior to bidding. It turns out that this item is coming from Hong Kong, and shipping is $12.99, wasn't anticipating that.....but what is done is done.

The hour passed and I had forgotten all about it......but saw my eBay tab still open. There it was....YOU WON THIS AUCTION

So, for $14 I have this very cute cabinet coming my way. I'm thinking that if it fits in my new house, I will paint it white and add a sink. Sometimes you find great deals on eBay but man that shipping......

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